X-Men Comic Collection

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Dylan Universe Comics

June 20, 2024

We’re about to unbox these X-Men comic books: Hey guys, I just got back from a really huge collection in Massachusetts, I’m so tired. Well, I’m always really tired out right–right after these unbo–right during these unboxings, you can see him stumbling just because I have to travel really far, find really good stuff and then here I am showing you. So without further ado, here’s that collection that came out of an attic in Massachusetts.

Fantastic Four Annual #3, that’s the wedding of Mr. Fantastic and Sue which is Invisible Girl, annual #4, X-Men #16, Sentinels trying to kill the X-Men. If you saw any of the X-Men movies you’ll know what I’m talking about. X-Men #17, this is 1966, nice red cover, nice strong colors. X-Men #18, Iceman Shall Fall, this is Magneto. X-Men #19 which is the first appearance of Mimic. X-Men #20, I didn’t really love this cover it’s almost like a bank robber kind of silly in a way but X-Men #20. X-Men #21, I always love these old bags it’s just so nice people actually put them in bags 50 years ago. X-Men #23, here’s Cyclops shooting all those villain guys.

How I got this X-Men comic book collection: Yeah, so I got a call this collection was you guys all, just keep showing you as I’m talking. This older gentleman called, he just had them in his attic, forgotten about them. Well, it was a journey, we travelled about four, I think it was four, maybe five hours. There’s no new major chains around, like the nice mom-and-pop stores. And well, he didn’t want it anymore, he didn’t want them anymore and we bought it, it’s great stuff. A lot of nice early 1960s Marvels, a lot of the collections we get are people who read these comics back in the day, bought it for 12 cents on the stand and they’re very happy when they learn that that comic they bought for 12 cents could be really worth a lot of money. X-Men 87, this is right before the new team really came in. This is really like reprinting, right in this issue like rating this issue numbers of the seventies and eighties they really reprinted a lot of issues just because the X-Men were almost failing and issue 94 the X-Men reborn and the X-Men are good again. People like them and they become one of the most popular Marvel character families. Right this time, they were failing, they were almost discontinued they were so bad, this is a repeat, this is a reprint of an early 1960 story.

Let me you show you some more comics we picked up in this collection, Avengers #15, well fighting The Avengers, villains, The Enchantress and the Executioner. That’s Wasp, Giant-Man. Giant-Man and Wasp which is sometimes Ant-Man and Wasp if you saw that movie. Iron Man, Thor or Captain America. Number 16, Avengers Assemble! Number 17.

Oh and let me show you this this really good one we just picked up as well from the collection. X-Men #1 in the protective comic bags. Yeah it’s the protective comic bag. I think I protected it a little bit pretty beat up on the spine, you can see right here. It’s pretty low grade but it’s hey it’s an X-Men #1. Who’s this guy? John Penny F, wasn’t the guy who we bought it from. Some guy named John Penny just write his name and well, that’s just what makes comics cool. It gives you the story.

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