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It all started with a spark…

On a chilly October day in 2010, curiosity was an understatement…

And it wasn’t the universe ending or an alien invasion. I ventured into my attic to discover the unknown. But there were problems-boxes everywhere, lots of dust, and it was dark. I went from box to box to find something amazing. But the problem wasn’t the boxes…it was me. What was I looking for?

My days of tons of boring school work & the other kids seemed to deal with it, over and over again. Not me, I wanted something else. Not math, or science, or reading books about far away lands that somehow had much more words than pictures…Something had to change…but what?

I fell upon a box of my father’s childhood comics, I became obsessed with the colorful pictures of well read Saturday afternoons from 50 years ago. Discovering tales of superheroes saving the day (Superman & Batman), kids dealing with real life problems (Archie & Friends), and Tarzan swinging through the trees created a spark.

Over the next decade, I went from finding that one magical stack of comics to helping collectors buy & sell MILLIONS of comic books. I had a deep desire to prove there was something better than the boringness of school all day long & it changed thousands of lives in the process. So what changed? Answer: Becoming passionate about something…Comic books!

Chad Reynolds

After years of searching many different auction sites for my white whale, I stumbled across Dylan on eBay….and then instagram, and there it was at the exact grade I needed. Only 30 exist unsigned at this grade out in the wild. The price was up there. prices are firm which did hurt. with a better price on his IG, I pulled the trigger. Dylan communicated well and the transaction went smoothly. This guy is going places! Reminds me of A young Mr Mint with baseball cards from back in the 90s!

Alvin Chong

Awesome seller. Excellent communications. Very trustworthy and reliable. Very smooth and quick transaction. Thanks for the amazing Showcase #22 CGC 5.0 (holy grail of all Green Lanterns), Dylan!

100’s Of Happy Clients
From Around The USA!

100’s Of Happy Clients
From Around The USA!

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