Where To Sell Comic Books

Dylan Universe Comics

Dylan Universe Comics

April 19, 2024

A helpful tip to know when you’re looking for where to sell comic books.

What are spine splits? I’m gonna show you in less than 60 seconds. Let’s get started.

So nice comics don’t generally have much of what we call spine split. This, for example, appears to be a pretty nice comic except it’s well split. It’s split. This whole comic is split off the whole comic where this is the spine..

If where to sell comic books is something you’ve been searching for, look no further, we can buy these comic books from you if you look at the bottom of the page. Now, let’s get on with spine splits.

So quite literally. It’s separated from the interior. It’s a cover and it’s the inside. I’ll show you another example that that whole one is, the whole thing is split this comic, this Flinstones comic. You see a slit, like it’s splitting. The whole paper is splitting on the spine, and that’s not good. You really want to try to keep your comics store in a nice, flat, dry, dark, temperate environment. Thanks guys.

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