Where Can I Sell Comic Books

Dylan Universe Comics

Dylan Universe Comics

July 20, 2024

An interview which can help you when you want to know where can I sell comic books.

What decides the value? Like I think of artwork, right? Some guy makes a painting here, one guy sells it for $20, the other guy gets a thousand dollars. How does one decide what is the value of a comic book? How, how, what, what’s the gauge? What’s the, what’s the whole bar on that? How how’s that work?

So basically like any collectible, comic books are valued based on what they are and their condition. So I almost wanna start pointing to what you have. We’ll get there. We’ll get there. I wanna see if I got something good here. So I’ll basically point to what I have right now. So I’m thinking, let’s say this Spider-Man #300. Right here. This is a 9.2.

What does that mean? 9.2. What does that mean? (Good to know when wondering where can I sell comic books)

Alright. Yeah. I know some people are not on the comic world.

Like myself here. Okay, right there.

So basically comic books are graded on a scale of one to 10. And there are different points in layman’s terms, that, that are, that they give, like it’s a fraction. So when you get to the higher, higher numbers above a 9.0, they start going by 0.2. So basically that, that’s a 9.2, which is near mint minus. So that comic book was basically taken off, a newsstand put into plastic and never touched.

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