Spider-Man Comic Collection

Dylan Universe Comics

Dylan Universe Comics

April 19, 2024

We’re about to unbox these Spider-Man Comics: They’re loose, okay yeah, not uncommon, not uncommon at all. So, what I’m just gonna do is I’m gonna flip the Spider-Man Comics box over these they’re inside bubble wraps that’s okay.

This knife out of the way, sharpie out of the way. And dump, dump it, I’m gonna dump them over the carpet. So let’s see now, done. Suspenseful, let’s see what we got.

Amazing Spider-Man 26

Let’s go through these Spider-Man Comics more: We got a Spidey 26, cool green goblin cover. What else we have? Spidey 14 it’s cool, low-grade but cool, water damage. Spidey 33, Spidey 31, got a Spidey 28, got a Spidey 34, the Spidey 36, Spidey 37, got a Spidey 38. 

Amazing Spider-Man 38

Oh, it looks like the cover is detached from this one. Yep it is, just rusty staples. Oh well, it’s just low-grade Spideys, they’re water damaged anyway, always low-grade.

Amazing Spider-Man 39

Spidey 39, it’s cool Green Goblin, Peter Parker on the cover. Spidey 40 it’s part of the story Green Goblin story, great, great, great story. Spidey 41, first Rhino. 

Amazing Spider-Man 42

Spidey 42, I believe that’s first Mary Jane Watson, maybe earlier I don’t know. Spidey 43 second Rhino. Spidey 44 nice Lizard appearance, another Lizard appearance Spidey 45.

Amazing Spider-Man 46

Spidey 46 for Shocker he appears in a movie, Spider-Man movie. Spider-Man 50, the spine is split on this one, spine split on that one. Oh man. Spidey 48, Spidey 55, Spidey 54, Spidey 53, Spidy 52, Spidey 51, what else is here.. Spidey 173, that was random. And Spidey 56.

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