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Dylan Universe Comics

Dylan Universe Comics

May 23, 2024

An interview to help if you want to sell old comics.

So I would first just l just take them out, take out a few of them, maybe take out top 10 or 20, I’d say about 20 comic books that are you see in the stack. And just look at the cover price. Look at how much they cost originally back in the day. Like if you see, if you see that it says 10 cents, you’ll know that your comics are basically from 1960 or before.

If Comic book buyers near me is something you’ve been searching for, look no further, we can buy these comic books from you if you look at the bottom of the page. Now, let’s get on with detached covers.

If you see, if you see that it says 25 cents. I don’t have an example. You’ll know that your comics from the are from the mid seventies, if you see or it’s a giant square band edition like I see right there. Like that’s a giant, but generally speaking, 25c cover prices are from the mid seventies.

Okay. Now she sees that. Where does she go from there? She’s got the prices on there, she’s got the range where, how does she find out now what the value is?

So basically I actually provide an appraisal service. Oh, you do? Yeah, I do. And I can actually, I price so many comics every day. I can just tell her. I’ve very, I’m very experienced. I deal with this 24/7.

Okay. And there are other place to do this?

Yeah, sure. Yes.

Online and stuff like, yeah. So I guess that’s what you have to do. You’d have to kind of maybe do a little research on it there. Check out your comic books and, uh, you can see an appraiser or I guess look it up online.

eBay is a good option to sell old comics. But also remember what people are asking is not necessarily what they’re worth because you can ask a million dollars, you can ask a dollar. It’s what’s selling for is really what matters.


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