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Dylan Universe Comics

Dylan Universe Comics

May 23, 2024

A helpful tip to know when you’re looking to sell my comics.

I’m gonna show you how to tell what condition your comic books are in less than 60 seconds.

Let’s get started. So we’re gonna break comic books into three categories. Low grade where you have the stuff, missing stuff. So this is missing a back. This is masking tape right here. It’s all beat up. That’s the low grade, and that really ranges from a 0.5 to a 4.0. A 4 out of 10.

Are you thinking sell my comics?, we can buy comic books from you if you look at the bottom of the page. Now, let’s get on with condition summary.

We have mid grade where you have stuff that looks pretty nice. It appears not to have been read, much. But then you got, you see, you see you got a little something that’s really stuff that ranges between a 4.0 and I’d say a 6.5. That’s stuff it’s, it was nice. Probably read a bunch of times, but it was still looks pretty nice.

Then you got the nice stuff, you got the stuff that you call Mint. It’s nice, has pretty little wrong with it. Little things here and there, but it’s, it’s pretty nice. High grade books tend to be between a 7.0 and a 9.8. Or rather a 10, but those are so scarce.

If you are wondering where to sell my comics and are looking to get cash and free up space, go here: