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Dylan Universe Comics

Dylan Universe Comics

June 21, 2024

Do you have an old comic book collection for sale and you’re, and you think, Hmm, I’ll just put it on eBay and sell my comics online. Well, you can do that. I’m not one of those guys who will tell you not to do that. You can, but there are a few things you should know first.

Returns is a big thing to deal with on eBay. When I was in an experienced seller in my early years, years and years ago, I had returns because I did not know how to describe my items accurately enough to keep a buyer and make a buyer satisfied.

I had to really learn them, learn how to describe each item and how to describe the condition. Describe all the flaws associated with each and every single comic book, because if someone gets it in the mail and they’re not happy, first thing do they do is they, they put it in for a return, and then seller’s hands are tied. They have to return it.

In fact, if a seller is not complacent with taking a return, even know if they don’t want to be. eBay withholds the funds. So you really gotta know what you’re doing if you’re gonna sell on eBay. Shipping is also a really time consuming thing. Well, I don’t ship my stuff. I have people to do that for me, and if you’re spending your time shipping, that’s something else you’re not doing. So just keep that in mind. It does take a lot of time.

How are you gonna sell them? What format are you gonna use? Or if you’re gonna put them out at a fixed price, meaning it’s $20, it’s $200, what if your price is off? I mean, you have had these things for a really long time. It’s gonna be hard to pinpoint exactly what price it’s gonna take to sell each and every single comic book.

Which brings me to the flip side, which is auction. Auction is a great way to sell my comics online on eBay. The problem or the unexpected hurdle that many people come across is auction is a great method to sell on eBay if you have a following, if you have people who are gonna look at your listings and bid and say, oh yeah, I want that for my collection, because many bidders and eBay users save people they want to save sellers they want to bid on.

Let’s call him Joe. Say, oh yeah, Joe always puts Bree’s stuff on you, but let’s save his listings. I wanna see what, what, what his auctions are coming up next week. Well, Joe has built up a following and his earliest listings may not have done as good as his listings now are, because he’s spent years and years and years building up a following people.

When Joe list stuff, people know about it, they get an email. Also, you need to keep in mind, are you gonna put the whole collection on email or only some of the more valuable ones or some of the bulk? Keep in mind that if you put the bulk of the collection, meaning a lot of them in quantity, so the majority in, okay, I have 2000 comic books. I’m gonna put 1800 of them, or 1700, I’m gonna put 1700 of them on eBay. That’s a lot of shipping. Are you gonna just sell them one by one? Maybe in groups? Well, remember that if you do that for a lot of bulk cheaper comics, the shipping price, unless you’re doing a free shipping and you’re taking the hit, the buyer’s paying, which means that’s less money they’re gonna spend buying your comic books.

Or if you put up the more expensive stuff, quote unquote, the keys. How are you gonna sell the rest of it? A buyer may not wanna buy just bulk. They might say it’s too dry and they just, it’s too picked over. They don’t want it. You’re taking a hamburger and you’re taking out the meat. That’s the one thing to keep in mind.

Now, sometimes you can split a collection to two parts, meaning you sell just the keys to one guy and just the book to another guy. But think this through before you sell on eBay because there’s a lot of hurdles you’re gonna have to jump over if you go this route. You don’t know what you’re getting into. Thanks guys.

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