Sell My Comic Collection

Dylan Universe Comics

Dylan Universe Comics

June 20, 2024

Here’s what I do with photos when I’m ready to sell my comic collection: 

I’m gonna show you how to photo your comics.

There are two different kinds of photos there’s group photos and there’s individual photos. Group photos you’re gonna want to lay all your comic books out into groups of about 25 or 30. You can use a dining room table, kitchen table, your bed, the floor. Just anywhere, maybe like a living room, anywhere there’s a lot of like nice open flat space and then you’re gonna want to put it in like groups usually rows of five and five and you can take two pics one of the front one of the back.

So we’ll take 25 of these can you lay them all out take. Stand on a chair okay, one pic and you flip them over so that I can see the backs and then take another pic. And that’s how you take photos so many comics at once.

Individual photos when I sell my comic collection:

And to photo individual comics, you take picture of the front, the back, well take it out of the plastics you see back. Corners, corners are important especially the staples, the spine. You really want me to be able to see what’s wrong with it because condition is everything.

Now that I’ve shown you how I photo my comics whenever I’m ready to sell my comic collection you can do the same with your and when you’re ready, click below.