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Dylan Universe Comics

Dylan Universe Comics

May 23, 2024

Hey guys! Here’s part two of that Massachusetts collection. We found in an attic for five hours.

Avengers #18. I didn’t like this cover. It’s, I just don’t like the artwork on it. This one, I like Swordsman. It’s pretty cool. He’s like, I am the Swordsman. I am Robin Hood. I am better than you, Mr. Avengers. Vengeance is Ours and there’s Captain America. Not really jumping. He’s kind of almost being, uh, forced off the building, you can see his hands are tied. Kind of cool.

Power Man. No, not Luke Cage, like the original power man. This guy was bad. Not good. Also Power Man, the Kang. Once an Avenger.

This is one of my favorite covers of Marvel, top 50, top 50 covers of all time. The Avengers are fighting everyone. Very classic 1960s, it’s just mean the ashes of defeat look at that eye.

The Captain America swinging into action. This is great. You can get a giant sized monster full six feet tall in authentic color, only $1, or I can get a hypno coin. New pocket sized invention helps hypnotize in minutes. It must work for you or your money back. I’d like one of those. These are cool. I’d like to buy those. This is great.

Boys, men, my secret new Dynaflex method. Can you build a magnificent new key He-man muscle body in just 10 minutes a day with absolutely no weights, no barbells, no exercise at all. Yes, if they laugh at you now, when you take off your shirt, they’ll be amazed. Once they’ve seen the rugged Dynaflex body I can give you, I’ll build you a tough, massive body, shoulders clad with solid inches of He-man brawn, I’ll give you bulges, biceps trip hammered fist power packed legs, and a chest that will have you popping the buttons off your shirt with pride says Mike Marvel, builder of champion bodies. He-man. Well, that’s not the He-man. You probably know. This is  strong He-man. This is before the 1980s, like Masters of universe, He-man.

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Let’s look at another one. Dr. Doom. This guy looks like a jester. What? What is this? What? What would you want an evil jester come on.

That’s cool, holding the villa and he is like, ah, and he’s like been defeated. He’s probably not very happy.

Got these like green guys, that Giant Man, Goliath rather is trying to fight off. It’s pretty cool. I’ve always loved this cover. Living Brain is trying to shoot him and he is like, love it. This is part two of that story. It’s trying to get ’em.

This is actually one of my very first comics I’ve around. I always like these guys. I just thought, they’re like, they’re like aliens and evil and you’re trying to get the Avengers and the Avengers are just trying to save New York and well, that’s just their job and these guys are trying to stop ’em and they’re shooting.

I always love this story, the Ultroids. The Ultroids. To conquer a colossus. Now that’s, that Colossus is different than the one that appears in 1975 in Giant Size X-Men #1, where you see the new team like re becoming the new team, which is becomes the X-Men. This is a different Colossus. I believe they’re talking about some kind of suit. This is the first appearance of Red Wolf who really doesn’t appear much in comics that much. Kind of more of a like Conan or Red Sonia kind of figure.

Let’s look at another one. Strange Tales #121, Dr. Strange, and this is his 1964. I wanna look at some of the panels on this. This is an early Dr. Strange appearance. Not like the first or second, but it’s still. This is 1964, so you can, you can use my special trick of how to tell how old your comic book is by looking at the inside front. It’s August of 1964 and written by Stanley Illustrated by Carl Bergos, who was the first to draw the torch. Yeah, he actually drew Marvel Mystery Comics or Marvel Comics, number one in 1939. How about that? Dick Years, Sam Rosen.

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Look at that. Dr. Strange. Any has, have any of you seen in Dr. Strange movie Thing. This is what Dr. Strange looked back, looked like in the 1960s. It’s Loki. Is that Loki? Yeah, it’s Loki. You know that evil guy who’s like Thor’s brother, but like they really have a complicated relationship brother. Brother, why would you do this to me? Well, brothers, he’s like, sorry, Thor. And he kills him.

Not really, but I’m not gonna spoil anything from the old Avengers movie sequence. You’re gonna have to watch it to find out. I think Endgame is coming out in a few days. I’m excited.

Strange Tales With Shield. Shield Netflix series. I’m actually watching it right now. It’s, I think it’s pretty good. People were mixed on it, but I don’t know. I like it. It’s like a bunch. Shields, like a bunch of like secret agents, kind of like the FBI, but they got like really, really, really cool technology and they fight off like aliens and things that are not normal. So like a guy who’s 50 feet tall who’s stepping on buildings. Yeah, that’s pretty not normal or like a radioactive gamma spaceship that’s turning people into frogs. Same thing. Shield is the people who deal with it, you know, like the Ghostbusters.

The Prize is Earth. And that’s Nick Fury. Who’s, uh, who’s head of Shield. Well, you know, sometimes the good guys lose and this is a first appearance of Eternity, which is a pretty cool character. See he’s being shot with. This is, uh, this is Hydra and it’s one of the biggest groups that Shield faces. They just don’t like each other. You know, Shield’s trying to have world peace and Hydra’s trying to be the best. Kind of like the Nazis were in World War II.

He was shooting him and he is not, not taking any bullets. He’s just bouncing off and it’s pretty cool. Almost everybody reads Shield.

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