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Dylan Universe Comics

Dylan Universe Comics

June 20, 2024

I’m going to summarize the comic book market in under a minute and why you should sell your comic collection or sell my comic books.

Wondering how to sell my comic books? Let’s get started.

So originally, comic books were just a form of entertainment. You read them and that was it. Then really into the early 1980s we start to see a collector base emerge. As early as 1970 there was a price guide saying this comic book is worth “blank”. But, really in the 80s we see people buying multiple copies of the same issue even more towards the 90s when you have Justices brand with the black bag, the white bag and all the different bags.

People are collecting that as well as reading. Then flash-forward to the early 2000s you have the X-Men movies where we see a growth of a fanbase because people who enjoyed comics a long time ago all of a sudden enjoy them again and now I really put the shift in comic book market in 2012 when you have the Marvel Cinematic Universe come into play.

Now all of a sudden you have people who didn’t necessarily like comic books and comic book movies, they’re watching Marvel movies, they’re watching movies because they’re good. Now, you all of a sudden have a whole bunch of new fans and that boosts the market.

Hope this helps answer the question how to sell my comic books and if you’re ready, click below.