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Dylan Universe Comics

Dylan Universe Comics

July 20, 2024

A helpful tip to know when you’re looking to sell my comic books near me.

Walt Disney’s Donald Duck and staples look good. It’s attached, attached. Little tear right there, you see on the very top. Very, very, very light crease at the bottom. See, on the very corner, right in my–it’s very hard to see. It’s a light crease, which is better than a hard crease because it’s, It’s not as bad if it’s light, it’s not as bad to the eye appeal. It looks nicer. So it’s there, but it’s not as bad as if it was like really, really like cramped down there.

If you want to sell my comic books near me is something you’ve been searching for, look no further, we can buy these comic books from you if you look at the bottom of the page. Now, let’s get on with what’s a 6.0/10.

So I would put this one at a 6.5. It’s got a little chip off the back. 6.0, probably like a fine. So that’s in this range, the pretty decent range. It’s like we’ve probably read a couple times, but the person was very, very careful with it. They probably might have stored in a folder or nice dry environment that really didn’t have anything get to it. Like you’ll see this little edge chip and little crease on the very top, but it’s really not bad.

It’s really not bad. It might look to be in really nice shape to the naked eye. It’s got those little things, but I would put that as a 6.0, which is a fine, not bad.

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