Sell My Comic Book Collection

Dylan Universe Comics

Dylan Universe Comics

June 21, 2024

I’m gonna show you how to protect your comic book collection.

I’m gonna show you three ways for protecting your comics.

This is the first way, this is a store-bought method you can buy bags and boards. Now that probably might be the best way for your better comics but for all the rest of them that won’t be cost effective and it’ll take a lot of time. So, here’s our favorite home remedy, a gallon size ziplock and file folder. You put the file folder inside of the gallon-sized ziplocks, the nice little home trick. Voila! You got your own, very own homemade bag and board.

Now, you’re gonna want to store your comic books in a nice cool dark. So you want it to be dry, you don’t water getting in, and you don’t want the elements getting in. So, I’d recommend if you if you don’t have a comic box, you use, like that, which is a copy paper box or a plastic tub. Just something that’s not gonna get disturbed. And this and you want to keep it away from anything that can get in there. Bugs, a lot of sunlight, water, moisture, curious children.

Are you done protecting your comics? You can now sell the ones you want to let go below.