Sell My Comic Books Correctly [2021]

Dylan Schwartz

Dylan Schwartz

May 23, 2024

Sell My Comic Books Correctly[2021]

Sell My Comic Books Correctly: “Are my “Old” Comics Actually Old?”

We get many queries about people who want to sell comics. Many people have found them in attics, others in basements, garbage bags, and boxes tucked away in closets. These “old comics” were forgotten about, until now. Many comics have traveled long distances before they arrived in your hands. Often times, misinformation of how old comics really are emerges.

They were read and enjoyed long ago, and now many have no use for them. They are accumulating dust, so many people decide to sell comics in search of money to use for more beneficial uses.

Many people believe that 1980’s and newer comics are old. They might be thought to be old because they were forgotten about for a long time, or passed down from one family member to another.
But in reality, they are not old.

The first comic books that were similar in size to the comics of today, were created in the early 1930’s for only 10 cents when they first came out. A candy bar cost around a penny. Comic books were expensive in those days. The machinery was not as advanced as in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Around that time, the United States was amidst in the Great Depression, a time of economic insecurity. Many people were struggling to put food on the table. Consequently most people were not buying comic books at this time. Several years later in the early 1940’s, when the United States was active in the 2nd World War, resources such as paper were recycled for the war effort. This makes comics from the early Golden Age of comics, much rarer than comics of later eras. Forty to Fifty years later, most comics cost brand new cost 40 cents to a few dollars each. Many people bought comics and there was even exclusive collector’s items being put out by publishers. This lead to the comic book crash of the 1990’s. Tons of comics were printed, making them very common. In retrospect, Golden Age Comics, especially from during the time of World War 2 were not nearly as widely printed, making them scarcer and thus have more value to them.

A comic from the 1980’s or 1990’s might be old and cool in terms of generations today, but they don’t have much value except for a few key issues which are special, and are first appearances of a few special characters. They are not old in “comic years” as many think, and most collectors collect comics much older than the era of the comic market crash.

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