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Dylan Universe Comics

Dylan Universe Comics

April 19, 2024

Are you wondering how to sell comic collection but just trying to figure out what you have or how to get started with it and don’t know where to go?

Well, a great first step is to make a list to sell comics. You want to be able to take an inventory of what your collection has in it so that buyers can better understand what you got and if they want it or not that’s pretty important. So, I’m gonna show you how to make a list.

How to Sell Comic Collection with a list:

Let’s start with this first comic in this collection, its title is Tales to Astonish. So you’re gonna want to include the title the issue number and maybe the cover price as well. So the title of this one is Tales to Astonish, not Sub-Mariner and Hulk but Tales to Astonish. You’re gonna need to be aware of that sometimes the titles may not be so obvious so just make sure you look at the inside front cover sometimes. Sometimes that’s the best way to do it, so on the inside front, says Tales to Astonish not Sub-Mariner Hulk, that’s a mistake I see happen a lot of times. So this one is number 72 and the cover price right here 12 cents. So, first make a list, Tales to Astonish, #72, 12c. Like this, like that. Tales to Astonish, #72, 12 cents.

Let’s go to the next one Tales–well actually you already wrote that so you can just write the quotes, hashtag 78, wait but I have I got two of them I got two of them, what do I do, I got two of the same comic, what do I do? Well why would you write it over and over again that wouldn’t make any sense. Just write x two, like this times two (x2).

Let’s try another one, let’s try this one, Strange Tales, #139 12 cents. Now, before you’re making your list you’re gonna want to try to group them. So you’re gonna want the Tales to Astonishes somewhere on your stack nearby your other Tales to Astonishes so that you don’t have to write Tales to Astonish a lot of times. Same thing with Strange Tales you don’t want them all mish-mosh all over the place. You want to be able to do this as quickly as possible so make sure you organize your titles and your similar comic books before making your list. So you can lay them out on a table and say okay where’s all the Spider-Man, I have all I have a lot of Spider-Man right, okay so well my Amazing Spider-Mans I’ll put them here. Maybe I’ll put them in order, maybe I won’t, but once they’re all Amazing Spider-Man I know I throw an amazing Spider-Man one time then just write the quotation works like here because I’m not gonna write that over and over again. So once you do that all you gotta write is the issue number and the cover price. Cover price, right here, cover price twelve cents.

Because what happened is over time publishers made the same comic same number series but a different volume. So you could have Fantastic Four #1 from 1961 or from the 1990s or you could have annual number one which to the naked eye could all look like Fantastic Four #1 so it’s pretty important that you write that cover price. Year isn’t so important but the cover price tells all.

Now you know how to sell comic collection with a list, if you have some to sell click below.