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Dylan Universe Comics

Dylan Universe Comics

April 19, 2024

These are important facts when you sell comic books.

Are my old comic books actually old? You may have comic books sitting in a box collecting dust, and you think, well, they’re old. They’re sitting in my attic collecting dust. But old in people in years in terms of storage or how long you’ve had them, isn’t the same thing as old in comic book years for what’s relevant to the comic book market.

The threshold lies really at the 1970s and older. Stuff from the 1970s and older is really where we make the distinction of, you read it, you threw it out, and that’s it.

In the eighties, people were reading, collecting, buying different covers, maybe buying two, three copies of different things, multiple, multiple copies.

You got the holographic cover, you got the shiny cover, you got the black cover, the red cover, the light cover, all of the same thing, which all it did was really just sell like the same comic five times with a slightly different cover. Old comics are the comics from the seventies and older. That’s where we draw the line.

So for example, this comic, it’s collectible, it’s probably worth about 15 bucks. But I wouldn’t say it’s old or how about New Mutants #1? Cool collectible down to about 15 bucks, retail, but not old. How about Punisher #1. Same thing. Collectible but not old. Worth a little something, but not what the older stuff is.

Stuff from the sixties and seventies. That’s the stuff that you want. Because that’s the stuff that most people just don’t have anymore. How about this Wolverine comic? collectible? Yeah. Maybe 15 bucks, but not old. How about V for Vendetta? Old? Nope. Collectible? Yeah. Maybe 10, 15 bucks retail. How about crisis number seven? Supergirl’s dead on the cover with Superman holding her. Old? Nope. Collectible. Yeah, like 10 bucks.

And these are just some of the highlights from the eighties and nineties. How about Infinity Gauntlet #1 year? I think this is, yeah, this is 1991. This is 1990.

People have saved these. Boxes and boxes. People were buying everything, multiple copies, and there’s just so many of them. Maybe to sell comic books one day. They printed so many of these. So what you’re gonna see with your eighties and nineties comics, if that’s what you have, a lot of them are gonna be worth a very little bit, and a few are gonna be worth a lot in contrast.

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