Reboots: The New Sequel

Dylan Schwartz

Dylan Schwartz

June 20, 2024

Reboots: The New Sequel

When it comes to Hollywood, there’s no such thing as a sure thing. So when massive amounts of money are being thrown around to green light various projects, companies tend to look for things that have worked in the past. Recently, that has translated into all kinds of reboots that are currently coming down the pipeline. Some work better than others, so we’ve put together two artices: recent reboots and ones that you’ll be seeing sooner rather than later.

Current/Recent Reboots:

1. Voltron

This beloved cartoon first aired back in 1984 with the American company World Events Production wanting to capitalize on the current “giant robot trend”. Not many people realize that the cartoon itself was an adaptation of the Japanese series Beast King GoLion. Today, Netflix has revived the series with Voltron: Legendary Defender. The series starts fresh and does a great job honoring the original while putting its own spin on the classic story. The blend of traditional anime-inspired art and CGI creates a slick show that is a lot of fun to watch. Whether you grew up with Voltron or not, this show offers a lot more substance than just nostalgia.

2.  Power Rangers – Comic

The Power Rangers have gone through countless iterations over the years and is one of the longest running kid’s programs out there. The setup is kind of genius when you think about it: rather than have to restart the show every time there is a new cast, you simply hand the mantle of the Power Rangers off to a new generation every few years a la Dr. Who.  The real reboot came through a different medium, though, comic books. Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers is a comic series that kicked off in 2016 featuring the original Power Rangers – Jason, Trini, Zack, Billy, Kimberly and Tommy are all there in their respective roles. Due to the format, the Power Rangers comic is able to tell some more mature stories than the show ever could, including a dark future timeline where *SPOILER IF YOU PLAN TO READ THE COMICS* Tommy goes evil and becomes the terrifying Lord Drakkon. The comic has gotten fantastic reviews and you should definitely put it on your reading list.

3. Lost In Space

Another sci-fi Netflix reboot, Lost in Space is a live-action retelling of the Robinson family who sees their spacecraft sent off course. Just like the original, Lost In Space is essentially Swiss Family Robinson on a hostile alien planet. The characters are the same, although the series wisely takes a more mature look at the family dynamics and drama and peace the camp of the original behind. The big update is the robot, which has gotten a visual overhaul as well as an interesting new origin story from what we are used to. Don’t worry, you’ll still hear the iconic “Danger, Will Robinson!”Although just not in the way you expect.

4. Spider-Man: Homecoming

Technically our first look at Marvel’s version of the wall-crawler was in Captain America:  Civil War, but his first movie was the recent success of Homecoming. The title was fitting as not only was young Peter Parker attending his homecoming dance, but it marked the first time Marvel Studios got to write a story for one of their most popular characters after striking a deal with Sony Pictures, who currently control the movie rights. Spidey’s journey on the big screen has been long and arduous, with hits and misses along the way. We’ve seen three actors don the tights since Tobey McGuire first donned the tights in 2002’s Spider-Man. Now played by British actor Tom Holland, this new Spider-Man is bright-eyed, whip smart and gets to operate in the later MCU. Sony’s deal with Marvel has him appearing in two more movies: presumably Avengers 4 and an unannounced Spider-Man sequel, but with the success of the character we wouldn’t be surprised if he finds a permanent home in the MCU.

5. Jumanji

Sometimes the best way to do a reboot is to completely re-imagine the core concept. That’s how screenwriters approached their Jumanjji remake, to both critical and commercial success. This was a touchy subject, as Jumanji is a beloved movie from late actor Robin Willians, and people did not want to see his work walked all over.  So, to avoid comparisons, the writers turned Jumanji into a video game instead of a board game and sucked all the characters into in. The movie is filled with smart video game references like skills, weaknesses and extra lives. Combine all this with the great comedic turns from Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Karen Gillan and you have one of the more successful movie reboots in recent memory.