Comic Buyers Near Me

Dylan Universe Comics

Dylan Universe Comics

June 20, 2024

Comic buyers near me: I’m gonna show you what comics in near-mint condition looks like in less than 60 seconds.

Let’s get started with comic appraisal.

Comic buyers near me for near mint comics: So, we have this comic X-Men 221. Now at first glance it has a nice appeal then you look at the spine, there really isn’t anything wrong with it no creases, no ticks, you see like a tiny little thing right there. But the edges are good there’s nothing there nothing wrong with it at all. And the reason that matters is because comic collecting is a very particular hobby.

Collectors want things in nice condition and if it’s Near Mint it has to be nice. There is one little thing wrong with it. This thing right here, one little thing it’s like a tiny bit of dirt and that’s all that’s allowed. If that wasn’t there it would be it would have potential to be a 9.8.

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