Comic Book Appraisal

Dylan Universe Comics

Dylan Universe Comics

July 20, 2024

For the purpose of comic book appraisal, you may ask yourself, how old are my comics?

Are my old comics actually old? They’ve probably been sitting in a box or in an attic for a really, really long time. You’re thinking, scratching you head, you’re trying to figure out, are these actually old? How do I find out how old they are? Is there some place that could check that out?

More comic book appraisal advice:

Well, you want to look at the cover price. That thing that says how much it cost back in the day when it was brand new. Yeah, that thing. Like right here, 10 cents. 10 cent comics, you know they’re from 1962ish and earlier. 12 cent comics, usually about 1962 all the way up to 1969. 1960s comics were mostly 12 cents. How about this 15 cent comic? 15 cent comics were about 1970 to about 1971, it was really maybe 1969 to 1971, very brief, short period. 3 cent jump, big, shortly they moved to 20. How about this one? This 25 center this Planet of the Apes #1. Let’s see how old it is… 1975. Well, in the 70s there was more inflation and comics were more expensive.

This is about the threshold when people were still reading comics and not just collecting comics. More when you get into this era, like the 80s, with Punisher #1. That’s when people are really buying 2, 3, 4 copies, saying this will be an investment, I’ll put it away. Or with Watchmen, everybody remembers Watchmen in the 80s. People were buying them to collect, multiple copies, it was the big thing. And you’ll find that comics that were not meant to collect, that were not bought, that people didn’t buy 5 copies of, that’s the stuff worth money. The stuff that your mother threw out, that’s the stuff that’s worth money because people don’t have it anymore.

Now that we’ve answered this comic book appraisal question, how old are my comics, and you have some that you are ready to sell, go ahead and click below.