CGC Grading Costs

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June 20, 2024

CGC Grading Costs

If you love comic books, you’ll probably know that grading them is the best way to read them. 

In the past, current comic books were considered unworthy of grading, so few were sent to companies that are into grading because they believed it would be a waste of time and money.

If you possessed a modern comic book of minor relevance, it was only worth evaluating if it was a 9.8, but today, that appears to be changing, with collectors willing to pay more for significant graded comics rated 9.4 or 9.6. This is one of the reasons why CGC and CBCS are so heavily backed up in their services. 

With all these comic books being evaluated, it must be worthwhile to grade your comic book.


What Are the Advantages of Submitting Your Comic for Grading?

A graded comic has a provenance with a CGC certification number, meaning that this book’s ownership history will be documented for future owners to appreciate.

Another grading advantage is that a crystal transparent holder will protect your comic. This shell protects the item and serves as a deterrent to counterfeiting and tampering.

Aside from preservation, CGC slabs have a pleasing look that fans and collectors have come to appreciate. These containers make it easier to handle and exhibit treasures.


What are the tools needed during a grading service?

You’ll also need some good tools that will allow you to flip through your comics and note any flaws or irregularities in their condition so they can be fixed before being sold. 

You’ll also need something to measure the thickness of the paper used in each comic and some way of holding all those books, so they don’t start falling apart before they get graded!

You’ll also want some black pens or whatever color works best with the typeface used on your comics; a bunch of sticky notes and pencils can be helpful.


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Who is CGC Grading Good for?

This service is for people who want to ensure they’re not wasting money on a bad comic book. It’s also for people who want to ensure they’re not giving their money to a company that exploits its employees or uses sweatshop labor to produce their products.

This service is also for people who want to ensure that the comic book companies are being held accountable for the content in their books and that the authors of those books are being paid fairly for their work.

It is a great way to get comic books you might have missed in the past. It’s also an excellent way to know more about your favorite characters and what they’re up to.



What Are The Costs CGC Grading Service?

Before submitting comics, you must first become a CGC member, which costs $25 per year for the cheapest option. A standard cost of $75 is charged for grading one comic book. There are also shipping costs to consider. Overall, you’ll probably pay a bit more than $100 to have your comic book assessed.

If you’re looking for a specific comic book, check out our shelves; we have a wide range of fascinating books and other treasures.


What Are The Steps To Consider To Grade A Comic Book?

The process of grading comic books isn’t always easy! It can be time-consuming and frustrating if you don’t know what you’re doing. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it—especially considering the cost of buying new comics!

Once you have decided on a grade level, there are several steps involved in getting the condition of your comics up to that level:

  1. Remove all pages from the book so that only the cover remains. This ensures that no damage will be done during removal and that no additional damage may occur during shipping or storage.
  2. Lay out all pages in order as closely as possible so that you can quickly identify any issues or problems with them later on down the line when they arrive at their destination.
  3. Treat each page individually with a paper towel before placing it into its plastic sleeve so that moisture will not soak into any folds within those pages.


3 Tips To Know If It Pays To Grade Your Comic Books?

  1. Appearance of the comic

In most circumstances, comics conceal minor problems that most people overlook when reading them. There’s a reasonable risk you’ll miss something if you don’t have a lot of grading expertise. Use light to inspect all parts of the comic book. Look for little indentations on the spine. Look for tears and dings in the corners. Make sure to do your homework because it can be challenging. The one in the photo would lower your grade.



   2. Is the comic vintage or contemporary? 

This is significant since it is not always worthwhile to grade a recent comic (the 1980s and up). Most 1980s comics are overprinted and simple to find, even in high grades. If your modern comic looks like a 9.6 or worse, it’s probably not worth sending to be graded. Most recent books would require a 9.8 from CGC to be worth your time and money. 

Comic books from the year 1930s to the 1950s are considerably more likely to be worth grading because many of them are difficult to find, and grading those issues ensures buyers that the book is complete and free of restoration.



   3. Check the relevance of the comic book

This is a crucial thing to consider before sending your comics to CGC or CBCS. To grade a comic book, you must first determine its significance. Is it the first appearance of a significant character? Is it a sought-after or classic cover?

Amazing Spider-Man 300 was released in the 1980s and is a trendy book, but it has the first full appearance of Venom and an iconic cover by Todd McFarlane; therefore, it sells massively in most grades. An Amazing Spider-Man 297, on the other hand, has no significance and isn’t worth sending to CGC unless you have a 9.8 copy.




Take note that comic books function similarly to any other collectible. There must be a strong relationship between supply and demand. If supply is much, demand must maintain pace. If there are hundreds of copies of a given book in 9.8, there must be even more people who want it. If the demand does not meet supply, prices will fall swiftly. The supply will skyrocket with all the books that will be graded in the coming year.