CBCS vs CGC Grading

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Dylan Universe Comics

June 20, 2024

CBCS vs CBC Grading

Getting the right grading company to grade your comic book can be quite difficult. You have a range of options, but you are not quite certain which would be best for you. We have created this article to help you figure out the perfect grading company to use when submitting your comics.

This article will focus only on two companies: CGC and CBCS. We advise you not to patronize other companies such as PGX. This is due to their not-so-good reputation in the comic community.

Let’s now get into the pros and cons of using both CGC and CBS so you can determine which you should go for. However, you must bear in mind that this is merely our personal opinion. You must also do your due diligence by making research on both companies

What are the advantages of using CGC?

1. Comics graded by CGC generally sell for more than CBCS.

Comics that CGC grades usually sell more than CBCS. This is primarily a result of the CGCs reputation as the standard for grading comics. In addition, the company came earlier than CBCS, leading most buyers to see them as a more reliable company.

2. CGC has a much sturdier case

CGC has a much sturdier case in comparison to CBCS. CBCS cases are typically much thinner and softer when held. CGC also has a catchy label compared to CBCS. The CBCS case isn’t all that catchy. You should note that not everyone sees the label as something significant. So, determine if this is something you can wave off or not.

What are the disadvantages of using CGC

1. CGC has a poor-quality control.

Over the years, there has been a drop in quality with CGC. This could result from many things, including being overwhelmed with the number of comics they receive or new employees not properly trained.

Image from @grailedbears Carousell

Unfortunately, CGC has also shown patterns of inconsistent grading standards. This could go a long way in affecting the quality of your comic book.

2. CGC will not authorize a signed book without the witness present.

If you find something in your collection that you had signed years ago and now decide that you want to grade it, CGC might not be the best place for you. This is because your comic book will have a green label.

This green label will mean that your book isn’t authentic and will ultimately devalue your book. To get a yellow label, you will need to present an authorized witness present during the signing of your comic.


What are the advantages of using CBCS?


1. CBCS have a slightly lower grading prices for new comics.

CBCS are generally less cheap than CGC. With the recent increase in fees, CGC fees cost a minimum of $24 to grade newer books, while other books cost $35. For CBCS, the fees for a newer book cost $20, while older comic books cost 24 dollars.

This disparity in prices is quite significant since they both offer the same services

2. CBCS has a signature verification program.

CBCS has a Signature Series program, while CGC only has a series for autograph verification. If you own any comics in your collection that have already been signed, CBCS provides a signature verification service.

This program can be particularly useful If you have a signature from a well-known person and would like to have it validated. The cost for that goes for only $25


What are the disadvantages of using CBCS

1. Comics graded by CBCS sell less.

As we pointed out earlier, comics graded by CGCS usually sell more than those graded by CBCS. CBCS comics typically sell for 10–20% less than CGC comics. Since CBCS is a more recent firm, it makes sense that its comics cost less than CGC.

2. CBCS doesn’t grade magazines.

CGC is your sole choice if you have any magazines and want to get them graded. This is because CBC does not grade magazines, regardless of whether they are produced by a top company like DC or Marvel.

They have a unique raw-grade program that will evaluate oversized comics, but opting for that is not advisable. This is because the rapid process doesn’t look out for restoration.


Given that a graded book by CGC nearly always sells for greater money, we advise choosing CGC if you’re attempting to send in books of higher worth. Bear in mind, however, that CGC quality control has recently been quite suspect, so while it’s uncommon, a comic book shipped to them can potentially be damaged.

However, CBCS is the superior option if you wish to submit something that has already been signed, especially if the comic has a well-known signature.