Buying Old Comics

Dylan Universe Comics

Dylan Universe Comics

July 20, 2024

I’m so tired. We just got back from picking up a huge Golden Age collection (since we’re buying old comics) Let me show you some of the cool stuff we picked up. Got also a whole bunch of nice planet covers in here. Lemme show you like this. Yeah. These are pulps made by Fiction house from the early 1950s, and also there’s some from the late 1940s.

These are just the covers, but I’d rather just have the covers because there’s no insight. I mean, I don’t read pulps anyway, so it’s almost cooler and it’s cheaper and people just like something. It’s a piece of Americana Sci-fi.

I’ll show you another one we have from buying old comics. It’s riding like a dragon, this is cool. Like aliens fighting this woman who’s, I don’t know where they are, it’s like a Viking ship. How about this, these are so cool.

You can see it’s just the cover, but you see all the ads on the inside makes any auto repair job your meat. Woman’s floating.

Yeah. These are nice airbrush covers that they made them with like a paintbrush. It’s brush style, but it’s very accurate proportions. It’s not like a Picasso or saying it’s very abstract where the guy’s like-where the guy’s face, he’s like, “Ah!”, it’s more like, it’s very accurate proportions of the figure, which is just, it’s just so cool to have someone who could draw something that’s just so outta this world.

Another one is riding a dragon. Let’s see. Yeah, this woman’s has a giant axe, or no, she’s trying to kill like some Martian guy on the other side. Another one’s riding another spaceship kind of thing.

It’s like they’re, it’s like they’re going to war and she’s playing some kind of musical instrument. I think we got like 50 or 60 of ’em. They’re just, they’re just so cool. They don’t, they don’t make ’em like this anymore. All right. Thanks guys.

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