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Dylan Universe Comics

June 21, 2024

Hey guys. Here’s part four of that Farm Fresh Massachusetts collection we found sitting in someone’s attic book buyers near me.

Fantastic four. Number 10. You can see Dr. Doom fighting a thing and human torch.

It’s not in great shape, but it’s still a fantastic four, number 10, and it’s from 1963, so the return of Dr. Doo. I like that lettering. The uh, the red lettering right here. I think that’s pretty cool. It’s the way, it’s almost like fuzzy, but like it’s cool. You know What’s next? Fantastic. Four number 13. This is the first appearance of the watcher, and although the right edge is all chipped off, it’s all gone.

See, it’s gone. It’s still cool. It’s early Marvel and it’s history right here in my fingertips.

The Red Ghost and his indescribable super apes. Wow. This is like, this is 1963. This is, this is probably half a decade, which is like five years before Planet of the Apes. So a lot of these movies they’ve been thought of before and I just, it’s cool. Okay. Let’s. Fantastic for number 50. This is the third appearance of this guy, the silver surfer.

He’s like surfing. He’s pretty cool. He’s made of metal and he can change the way things, it’s almost like iceman from the Incredibles. The Incredibles are basically the fantastic for, and this one is signed by Stan Lee, but not like the brand new like signature like. This is more of, this is an older signature.

He signed this with a pen. Not like those gold sharpies that he did a couple years ago is like where he was signing for everyone at New York ComicCon. Now I think those were cool, but he signed a lot of stuff. Like a lot of stuff. This is old signature. This was probably done in the late 1970s. Sometimes he would sign on the first page at the bottom, like right here, the very bottom.

He would. But this is cool. This is an old signature.

It has four. Number 51. This man, this monster. This is actually the issue right before the first appearance of Black Panther. Who first hears an issue? 52. That’s an A liter box. Another copy, another copy of number 50,

Galo. Finally be the villain who succeeds in breaking up the fabulous ff. When you see thing, he looks kind of out of it. He looks kind like drunk,

defeated by the Frightful four, the frightful four, kinda like the Fanastic four, except they’re evil. They’re trying to have bad, make bad things happen to everyone. Not good things.

The Battle of the Baxter building. You got Dr. Doom right here. It’s kinda hard to see if you got him right here. You can see he’s got Daredevil. He’s right there. And Dr. Doom’s shooting a cannon at a ladder that Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Girl are on, and the thing is trying to hold him. Pretty cool. I like this cover.

The brutal betrayal of Ben Grim. Now they look kind of scared, like, like, thing, what’d you do? We, we swear we didn’t steal your under rules. We, they’re, they’re too big for us. And he’s like, Ugh, I can’t take this anymore. Ugh. And, and hug and torch is just like, I wanna get away from this. I, I want nothing to do with this.

Book buyers near me results are right here with us, let’s move on.

It’s pretty cool. Beware the hidden land, and you got Mr. This is a true demonstration of Mr. Fantastics powers. He’s just like stretching, just hanging on. He’s like, I won’t let go. I’ll never, never gonna let go. And Human Torch is trying to save him. Thing is crumbling. He’s got one side, one side and hanging straight down.

All you do is there’s just like a bridge on top. The classic Cuban torch. She’s going straight up, I like this. You have the people on the. Black Panther, early Black Panther, 1966. It’s pretty cool. Got Medusa. Who’s from the frightful four? Remember that guy is, yeah, these, these are from the frightful four.

This is an inhuman. It’s pretty cool actually. Inhuman remodeled after, uh, gene Simmons. His tongue, actually, sorry. Jean Simmons’ Tongue was modeled after the Inhumans with the whole like, yeah, that kind of thing. That was modeled after the Inhumans, which are these guys? That guy,

I love this cover. Silver Surfer fighting the thing. I mean, I love battle covers, but this is great. It’s like an explosion. Great.

Dr. Doom. . They all look very, very, very sad I think. I think they would be beaten by Dr. Doom, but if that was really the case, how do we have the next issue? Issue 60? I mean, they can’t kill all superheroes like death has been in 1991, because then what are they gonna publish? I mean, if you’re gay, how are they gonna write a story about you sitting in a grave?

That wouldn’t be really be so interesting. People wouldn’t really wanna read that. Then you see thing and Dr. Doom trying to be like, thing is Ola boom. And Dr. Doom’s like, boom, like, like a rock ’em. Soccer robots are just hitting each other and you see Invisible Girl and Mr. Your fantastic. You’re all just like, ah.

This is, uh, number 65. First appearance of Ron in the accuser. Pretty cool guardian to the Galaxy. Number two.

Fantastic four, number 1 0 3. , you see things just jumping off. He’s like, he’s like, he’s just jumping, trying to save the submariner. Or actually he’s trying to think battles anymore. Now ne war and, and always had run-ins starting at issue number four as early as 1962. And sometimes they got along, but a lot of the times they really fought.

This is one of the great battles and Fantastic four, always fighting some. Like some Mariner, they want him to help and he just like, Nope. And he just starts boom, boom, boom, swimming and can’t we just all get along? But then again, that wouldn’t be interesting because we like to watch story. We like to read stories of people fighting.

I mean, no one really likes to have, have stories of people all being, uh, happy and everything going perfect because that’s boring. That’s boring. Believe it or not, it’s shattered for it’s best. It’s the same reason you like watching the hockey game and the guy’s face being smashed or, uh, wrestling or mixed martial arts.

What about the guy slips and falls? It’s interesting and that’s why we like it. It’s, uh, people, it’s people getting hurt, for lack of a better term, we find interesting. It’s action comedy. You get stuck in a manhole. , that’s tragedy. So when I get stuck in a manhole, that’s funny, right? As, as, as horrible as it sounds, humors when bad things happen to us, but not so horrible.

And that’s and humorous part of, uh, making fun of that. Let’s see. Got it. The masked Marauder, it’s like stretching almost like Mr. Fantastic. Well, and Jaredo was like, what? How, how’d you get up there? I, I was up here and how, how’d you get up here?

Stilt man, mass, Marauder, Spider-Man. They’re all coming back. This is also the first appearance and we learned about Daredevil’s father and we learned that he was a boxer in New York City.

That story is also told in Daredevils, season one on.

Look at these guys like alien dudes and they’re dragging him up. It’s pretty cool. Unmasked you taking off his identity, man. I mean that everyone’s gonna be, you got all the paparazzi after him. That’s not good. That’s not good. You don’t, you do not wanna be dare to everyone in this scenario, the mighty Thor.

I love battle covers. Thor dare. How much better can he get? And we’re gonna have, we have two more. Boom, Dr. Doom, the final victory you have Dr. Doom and everyone he’s holding the entire Fantastic four. This is 1964 Marvel. It’s a nice, giant sized issue. I love it. I love it. I love it. Got the last one.

Fantastic Four annual number. She’s submariners sitting there all being like, Hmm. And they’re all being like, come on, let us out, man. And you got Spider-Man. Spider-Man. Also the origin of Fantastic Four. We got the gallery of villains with Dr. Doom, and this guy in the back can teach you how to hypnotize easily.

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