How to Sell Comic Books for Dummies [2021]

Dylan Schwartz

Dylan Schwartz

May 23, 2024

Selling Comics Individually Takes Time

If you want to sell old comics you’ve just found, inherited, or have had for a long time, then there are some challenges you are going face.
The main problem: it takes a lot of time.

Even figuring out  what you have will most probably take hours and hours.  Once you’ve done that, you are likely not much closer to cashing in on your find.

How are you going to get your money…?

Will you sell them all yourself, one at a time?
It’s a full-time job! And it can take months, (maybe even a couple of years), to sell an old comic book collection one at a time.

You have to know how to grade comic books well (number scale of a comic’s condition, sort of like a comic’s rating on how well it is preserved), how to take pictures, or scan them (which takes even more time).

Then you’d have to list them on eBay, (unless you have a huge following on eBay, you will only get a few bids and most of the comics you list would go unnoticed. They ‘d sell for pennies on the dollar after fees and shipping materials are taken into account. EBay is a lot of work!

You’d have to collect your payments, then pack and ship each comic and deal with returns. If you were to do a Buy it now option, you’d still have fees, shipping and returns.

Most of the comics would just sit collecting dust, taking up space in your closet and go unnoticed on Ebay, if they are priced at full market. If you want to price them under market, why not save all the time and just sell to us? We can’t pay retail, yet we will treat you right!

We have a big customer base so we are able to turn over our inventory at small margins and make our money by volume.

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